We Do Not Need Another Charter High School

By | October 8, 2016

10/19 Defend Public Education-STOP Ron Beller’s Caliber High School In Richmond
Fight For Strong Public High Schools Strong In Richmond And Keep Them Open
Stop Union Busting And Privatization

Press Conference And Rally
Wednesday October 19, 2016 5:15 PM before WCCSB Meeting at 6:00 PM
DeJean Middle School
3400 Macdonald Ave, Richmond, CA 94805

Failed billion dollar UK Peloton hedge fund operator Ron Beller and his wife Jennifer Moses are now trying for a take-over of public education in Richmond and the West Contra Costa School District. They tried to set up a sweet heart deal to buy the Adams Middle School with 8 acres for $60,000. After a community and labor campaign, the school board voted to reject this deal. Now privatizer Beller is back with a new proposal to build a charter high school in West Contra Costa County.
How many high schools does Richmond Need?
There are already enough high schools in Richmond and they need more support. Richmond High and others are desperately short of supplies and financial support. These schools have long time teachers and staff who are doing their best to keep their schools going and make them the most successful schools in the community. WE need to support these schools and make them great for our kids.

Beller has told people in Richmond that he wants every school to be a charter run by private operators like himself. If the school board votes to open up another non-union anti-labor charter school, this will likely lead to the closure of one of our public schools in Richmond and further segregate our schools. All school teachers, staff and parents and students need to stand up to protect our public high schools in Richmond. The NAACP has called for a moratorium on all new charters because of their racist policies and the ACLU has exposed that these schools illegally cherry pick students in California.

Come to the press conference and rally on Wednesday October 19 at 5:30 to defend our public high schools and oppose the Beller Caliber charter high school which is being funded by billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and the Gates Foundation. These multi-billionaires don’t want to pay more taxes and at the same time they are helping to shutdown public education so they can turn schools in to profiteering centers run by private corporate boards that want to use our public taxes and money for making money with more computers and testing.
It’s time to Stand Up For Public Education and Equality For All.

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